It always tends to be crowded until after the speeches and until the demonstration had begun, so it can be difficult to get many photos of the exhibition pieces. (I also worry that the artists won't want someone taking photos of their work and putting them on a web site for all to see. On this note if you are in one of the photos or your work is, bye all means contact me if you don't want me to show it. Or if you want a bigger resolution copy of a photo you are in or of your work, email me and I will send it to you.
People are starting to move outside for the demonstrations.
Tacky to talk prices I know but this amazing jewellery box, by Carol Marando,  was the most expensive piece in the show.
Cas Davey's work on the wall.
Some of my work.
Kirra Gallery 2014
Sunday Afternoon's Photos
Catriona Starpins who obviously has fantastic taste as she bought one of my necklaces. ;-)
The two Peters.
Raymond Mifsud's beetles.
Seonmin Park and her Flower shoes.
The demonstration outside: beginning.
Terri Kraehe's work.
Richard Clement's birds.
My younger son and his girlfriend.
Peter Minson's work.
Bernie Stonor's
Below: Each year the people exhibiting, especially in borosillicate, get together and make a joint piece which is presented to the gallery.
My work can be seen on my "Jewellery" page.
Cas Davey and Peter Minson packing up after the day's demonstrations.
Alan Ussher whose work has gone from strength to strength each year since he has been involved in the Flame Off. (Also a quiet achiever and a real gentleman.)
Kirra Gallery 2010